It’s strange to see some of the brands that pop up under the heading of men’s natural skin care brand. L’Oreal, for example, is a trusted name that’s been around for years, but unless they’ve changed their ingredients lately, it could hardly be considered an all-natural product.

It’s not too easy for those of us that really want to avoid synthetic chemicals, toxins, allergens and irritants. The green bottles and pictures of leaves are attractive. They make us feel safe. But, they are just advertising gimmicks. It’s only the label of ingredients that tells the real story.

There are two basic essentials that every man needs to use, every day; cleanser and moisturizer. Many men shave, so they need a good shaving lubricant, too. Some companies recommend toners and exfoliants that are really unnecessary and can be irritating. If we stick with the essentials, we’ll be better off, in the long run.

A men’s natural skin care brand may not provide all of the basics. Some companies specialize in cleansers, while others specialize in moisturizers. Shaving lubricants are primarily produced by the major cosmetic companies. But, you’ll find that plain food-grade grape seed oil makes a perfectly suitable lubricant that is soothing and will not clog the pores.

There are a number of excellent all-natural cleansers on the market, today. Soaps containing vegetable-based glycerin are less drying than other choices. Natural anti-bacterial agents like manuka honey can help with conditions like acne. Ingredients like sage and lemon-grass have a deodorant-like effect. But, regardless of how gentle your cleanser or how mild your shaving lubricant, every one needs to follow bathing with moisturizing.

Research has shown that even plain tap water, with no cleanser at all, strips the skin’s naturally protective oils. If you choose the right men’s natural skin care brand of moisturizer, it will replenish those lost oils and help fight the signs of age. The better facial moisturizer for a man also contains witch hazel, which helps to heal shaving nicks and scrapes.

Plant-based oils replenish those lost during bathing. For a body moisturizer, the ingredients to look for include jojoba, olive and grape-seed oil. The three work in synergy to moisturize dry areas like heels and elbows, without causing oiliness on other parts of the body. Manuka honey is a good ingredient for moisturizers, as well, because of its anti-bacterial and its antioxidant activity.

A men’s natural skin care brand of moisturizer should contain those beneficial ingredients. It should not contain artificial preservatives, added fragrances or petroleum-based ingredients, like petrolatum or mineral oil. Technically, those could be considered naturally occurring, because they are derived from crude oil, but that doesn’t mean they are good for the skin’s health.

If you want to look your best for years to come, try a moisturizer that contains the active form of the protein keratin. That ingredient has been shown to improve the skin’s firmness and moisture content, while reducing inflammation and fine lines. Only the best men’s natural skin care brand contains keratin and the other good ingredients mentioned here.

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