Acne is a skin problem that occurs to many individuals. The skin has some tiny holes called pores. These pores contain sebaceous glands, which release oil for keeping skin and hair well moisturized. Excessive oil production of sebaceous glands causes pores to clog. Excess of oil combines with dirt and dead skin cells clogging pores.

Sebaceous glands release more see-bum when hormonal imbalances occur. It can happen mostly in adolescence but also between twenty and forty years of age. When acne occurs to people after twenty years it is called adult acne. Adult acne occurs usually to women during pregnancy, during menstrual cycle or during menopause. Because they suffer more hormonal imbalances in adult life than men, adult females are more prone to acne than men.

Doctors always work to find out new treatments for acne, because nowadays there is no acne treatment that completely heals acne. You always must combine different acne treatments to obtain a proper cure for acne. Also you must use natural acne treatments in order to obtain a good result. Sometimes the best acne treatments are natural acne treatments, simple, not expensive and very effective.

It is recommended to take vitamins and to have a proper diet. Vitamin cure must be taken until you feel your skin healthier. Maintaining your skin healthy is a part of the acne treatment. A healthy skin always fights better against any condition. Eating healthy fruits and vegetables are also crucial for maintaining your skin in its best state. Bad eating habits, too much junk foods and sugar consumption, fried and fatty oiled foods can aggravate acne.

Also washing and cleansing are essential. Wash your face with warm water in the morning and in the evening. A proper washing is always a best part of an acne treatment. If you properly wash and cleanse your skin, a part of the oil, dirt and dead skin cells will be removed from the pores and pores will unclog. Acne is a skin disturbance that can be treated naturally, without using medicines and chemicals that can affect your skin. Antibiotics are necessary sometimes for killing bacteria when the stage of acne is severe. Acne can be a very frustrating problem. You always must consult a dermatologist if you are an acne sufferer, in order to learn about acne, acne causes, and safe and proven acne treatments. An effective acne treatment may take between several months and even years.

Hormonal imbalances have a major role in developing acne. During pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and stopping or starting birth control pills hormonal changes may appear and can lead to acne. Women are most prone to acne, because they are more prone to hormonal interchanges. Boys are prone to acne mostly during puberty, but women can suffer from acne all their lives if they don’t stop causes of acne. It is recommended to correct you hormonal imbalances naturally, by taking herbal extracts. Food also is a good remedy for almost everything, so taking care what you eat is crucial. Consuming good quality soy products and other foods that regulate hormones and are a natural choice are recommended.

Acne Treatment