Studies show that about ninety percent of the skin changes and damages are caused by a long-lasting exposure to the sun. The UV rays of the sun damages the skin cells, consequently inhibiting the body’s natural mechanism to repair the injured cells and tissues. What are the top treatments to restore sun-damaged skin? Here are your safest natural options to combat this persistent problem.

The primary treatment for sun-damaged skin is a rich lather of vitamin A. You can take vitamin A orally or apply it topically to your skin. The advised dose of the oral intake of vitamin A is about 25,000 IU daily. Studies show that the intake of vitamin A at this regular dosage has significantly reduced the occurrence of skin cancer by almost thirty percent. Further studies proved that about sixty five percent of regular vitamin A takers have visibly reduced sun-damaged skin after one year of daily intake. 

The heat of the sun dries the skin, parching its natural moisture. This leads to the development of fine lines and pigmentation. A good sun-damage treatment is a product with hydrating agents such as vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. These natural ingredients support the cells in the superficial layer of the skin, inducing internal and external hydration.

Vitamin C is one of the primary skin repairing and healing ingredient of skin care products. Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid can be taken in orally. Topical creams contain vitamin C from fruit extracts. These variants promote the production of collagen that restores damaged and incised skin. This stabilizes the skin’s overall firmness and elasticity. This consequently enhances skin damage effects such as wrinkles and sunburns.

The natural restoration effects of antioxidants found in vitamin E, flower extracts, and essential oils act as stimulants of skin cell oxidation before and after the effects of the sun. Sun protection products that are rich in vitamin E also neutralize the activated free radicals in the skin, preventing further damage to the skin’s color and texture.

The natural treatment of sun-damaged skin is not limited to the taking of natural health supplements and application of topical products. Curiously so, photodynamic therapy is a treatment using natural light to reduce the effects of sun damage. This treatment makes use of the naturally derived aminolevulinic acid, which is subjected to particular spots in the skin for at least thirty minutes to one hour. This treatment has been proven to diminish effects of sun damage such as redness and other discoloration.

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