You overcome the edgefold MBT Footwear fitness foot problems:
MBT Shoe structure to form a stable state of nature. Marseille masai sensors (holding) is the first step on the ground challenge: feel soft, but not stable. Exercise will quickly be appropriate sensory system of muscle activity, make feet joint relative balance, positive realized complete its physiological foot natural rolling motion. Effective control of the foot scrolling action can change the pressures than foot and tension, and enhance the muscle activity can make joints get good. Feet, At present, most foot problems because neuromuscular stability and motion control. Traditional shoe kind can rise to support and protection, but also make muscle system can stimulate and loss by certain functions. A part of the loss of muscle function will lead to the BianPingZu or without its trials. Improper wearing shoes (such as high-heeled shoes) will also cause evaginate foot and ankle bone spurs.
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Purple can solve MBT health shoes knee problems:
Each step by step, heel contacts the ground when pressure, which will reduce impact and therefore knee. Study, walking in the knee MBT will reduce the pressure Nigg2004 (19%) walking, direct contact with the ground first stretched his legs, then through the knee. Ideally, when his legs under a big pressure, human body should be perpendicular to the upper leg. Through stimulating muscles and joints around the correct gait, and can be effectively treated MBT knee problems. The knee is the joints of the most complex body. Various organizations are wrapped be damaged or degradation: for example, meniscal injury Bin torn tendon injuries and/or pain, torn ligament, causing instability and stood knee pain. The human body will through some auxiliary motion and posture, relieve pressure, make damaged tissue organ of the muscles around day knee function decline. As time passes, will damage the ability to walk, the serious influence of life quality. Foot step in marseille sensors will stimulate muscle balance system. Firstly, and then in the foot is around the knee joint.

You overcome the edgefold MBT Footwear fitness foot problems:
MBT Shoe structure to form a stable state of nature.