Typically, many people don’t associate good oral hygiene with good overall health. In fact, maintaining good overall oral health has a direct affect on many other bodily functions, and making sure that proper oral hygiene is in place will ensure that other medical problems can be avoided. Having a discussion with your Palatine dentist can go a long way toward not only explaining the importance of strong oral health, but also how it directly correlates with other parts of the body.

Maintaining strong teeth and gums can actually help to avoid more serious medical issues down the road. If not taking proper care of your teeth, it can lead to the development of cavities and more serious gum problems. Gum diseases in some cases can be contributing factors to the development of serious conditions such as diabetes. Being such a debilitating disease, most people will go to any lengths to avoid long term disease, so having a discussion with your dentist regarding proper oral hygiene becomes an important topic of conversation.

When teeth are not properly taken care of on a regular basis, plaque can build up very quickly. Plaque contains harmful types of bacteria that can travel from the mouth directly to the lungs, which in turn can lead to respiratory illnesses and lung disease. Maintaining a regular schedule of cleanings and practicing proper oral hygiene can help to eliminate plaque and greatly decrease the risk of respiratory ailments.

Scientists and researchers are constantly conducting experiments and analysis to determine and confirm other types of medical conditions that can be tied to poor oral hygiene. Heart disease is once such medical condition that is currently under study to determine the connection. Prenatal pregnancy issues and premature deliveries have also been tied to oral health issues.

Obviously, the effects of poor oral hygiene can be physically seen, such as losing teeth, bad breath and decaying gums. While these dental problems can certainly lead to a loss of self-esteem, more importantly they will ultimately lead to much more serious physical medical conditions, some of which can be life threatening in nature. Infections, abscesses and decaying gums can be just the start of more chronic ailments, and can easily be avoided when embarking on a regular schedule of visits with your Palatine dentist, along with discussing how best to maintain a regular daily oral hygiene regimen. A healthy set of teeth and gums can absolutely lead to a more healthy body and prevention of long term disease.

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