A friend of mine had been looking for a skin tag cream to remove the skin tags on her face and body before she discovered a natural cure. She kept emphasizing that her problem seems trivial to others, it in fact was a big concern to her.

When it comes to looks, despite the gender differences, all would like to appear their best in front of the others. A clean and pleasant appearance will win you more friends and is more likely to lead to intimate relationships. No wonder when I search for the term “skin tag cream” in Google, over one million results come up.

Unfortunately, my friend Rebecca was a rather serious case. She had skin tags on her cheeks, around her eyes as well as under her arms. In order to get rid of them, she had tried several skin tag creams before but all failed to give her significant help.

Just for the reference of those who are not sure, skin tags are small flesh colored, finger-like projections on the skin. They can occur just about anywhere on the body, with the eyelids being a common place. They tend to arise suddenly or at where there is unsatisfactory healing of a wound. Even though they are not cancerous, they tend to increase with time and can become infected when scratched or traumatized. For young girls, the mere fact of being unsightly is enough reason for them to look for any possible means to cure them, let alone a good skin tag cream.

On top of the skin tag cream, one treatment of skin tags involves obstructing blood supply to the tags by tying their base very tightly with a piece of cotton. Then hopefully, the skin tags will soon die and drop off naturally. However, this cure will cause wounds and therefore can lead to infection. Infections, if not handled properly, may in turn leave scars.

An alternative cure to skin tag cream and obstruction of blood flow is diathermy. This basically involves destroying skin tags by a heated probe. This method requires numbing of the skin areas concerned first. Either local anesthetic or a special anesthetic cream will be used for this purpose. The operation can be done in a clinic and antiseptic cleansing afterward will help prevent infection. One shortcoming of this method is that some of the skin tags may recur resulting in a need for further treatment in future.

By now, you may be interested to know which treatment or skin tag cream Rebecca chose eventually. Well, it’s true that she is clear of skin tags now and can’t wait to show off her flawless beauty on the beach. In fact, she didn’t use any of the methods mentioned above. She came across a report which gives her a natural remedy to get rid of skin tags in three days. It didn’t go as promised and took a little longer than that: she was clear of all skin tags in one week.

If you’re ready for natural remedies, check out this report before buying another skin tag cream.