One of the most biggest misconceptions about dieting is the paranoia regarding rapid weight loss. For starters what you and I deem to be rapid may be quite simply different. For example I may consider anything over one kilogram per week to be somewhat of a rapid nature. For you it may be Five Kilograms per week.

Weight can indeed be lost at a much larger rate than that of 2 or 3 kilograms per week. It isn’t that difficult to do. In theory you would simply eat less or exercise more. You can purchase rapid weight loss programs for a dime a dozen. A typical diet that may fall into this category is the Cabbage Soup Diet or there are the popular cleansing and detox methods. Some experts will argue that detoxing is not required as the body detoxes it self everyday by ridding the body of its waste. Whether these statements are made to deter dieters away from rapid weight loss will more than likely remain unknown to you and I.

One of the biggest fears about rapid weight loss is the possibility of losing lean muscle tissue. This happens when the body is in starvation mode. During this process the body will begin to preserve it’s fat stores. It will then convert the muscle tissue into glucose for energy. During a rapid weight loss diet this can happen as early as three days of doing the diet.

There is a way that you can avoid this process. There is a way to lose weight rapidly without losing lean muscle tissue or mass. It is done by combining the right combination of foods or by altering the quantity of foods you eat at each meal. The latter of the two is the most popular because it works the best. If it is done correctly the dieter can expect to lose up to 9 pounds or 4-5 kilograms every 11 days. Now that’s not bad.

If you would like to know more about altering the quantity of foods you eat at each meal simply follow the links below for more detailed information. There is a fabulous meal generator that can take away the guess work for you, making rapid weight loss work for you.

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