Most of us will only think about natural wrinkle remedies once the appearance of our skin shows signs of aging starting to show. When a few “laughter lines” become visible, we start to take more notice of the adverts on television or in glossy magazines.

We can all see how the market for skin products has become big business so that many companies are trying to have their slice without having done the necessary research into what will give us consumers what we are looking for.

Most of us want to use natural skin care creams but how can we be sure that these products will deliver? If you’re like me, you won’t want to simply keep using a skin cream that seems to feel good when first applied but will be harmful when used repeatedly every day.

It may seem strange but any skin care cream that claims to be a natural wrinkle cure should not contain collagen. This may seem a contradiction because you have probably heard that it is the replacement of collagen that will be the first step in giving your skin the appearance it had in your younger days.

In fact, collagen being present in natural wrinkle remedies is completely pointless because the molecules of collagen are too big to be absorbed through your skin. This is a fact to bear in mind when you see adverts in beauty magazines singing its praises in wrinkle remedy creams.

The safest cream to use will be a product that performs a natural wrinkle cure action because it contains plant-based ingredients. The effectiveness of these substances should be verified by clinical trials.

Well-known brands rarely show such information because they are not required to give proof that their products achieve the results that they claim. This is in contrast to the standard that is required for drugs to prove that they work.

One of the most effective substances that you will find in creams giving natural wrinkle remedies is called Cynergy TK. This is a new breakthrough in skin care based on keratin. It actually causes your body to be stimulated to produce its own collagen.

Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is an essential component in skin, hair, nails and teeth. The majority of skin care products use animal horns and hooves or birds feathers as the source of keratin. Because it must be extracted using heat causing the keratin to become hydrolysed, it is not advisable that a natural wrinkle cure cream should contain it.

The breakthrough in skin care by using Cynergy TK is due to its source being the wool of New Zealand sheep. In this form, it is known as “functional keratin” since it is in almost the identical state as the keratin in our own skin.

If you take a look at my website you will find information about other very powerful natural wrinkle remedies all of which are in the skin care products I use each day.

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