The spots in most cases are not considered to be a risk, but there are some spots which can turn harmful. So if you have any questionable spots on your skin, it is better to see your doctor regarding it. But if you are sure that the brown spots on skin are nothing but sun spots that are harmless; there are many natural ways to treating them. One thing is to be kept in mind; these remedies take time to act so having patience is important while implementing them.

Lemon Juice

The appearance of brown spots can be reduced by application of lemon juice. The acidity of the juice will hasten the skin cell shedding which in turn will diminish the spot. Just use your finger to rub the lemon juice all over your brown spots one or two times a day and over time, there will be a marked improvement in your skin. You can use juice squeezed freshly or bottled juice. But you should remember one thing; your skins sensitivity towards sunlight will increase when you use lemon juice. So you should put in place all sun protection gears you have. It means putting on sunscreen lotion while going out and wearing tightly woven cloths over skin on which juice has been used.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The natural shedding of your dead skin cells will increase if you use apple cider vinegar on it. The vinegar has pH balance that speeds up the process and even outs your skin tone. So dab apple cider vinegar over your brown spots on skin with a cotton ball. Do not worry, you will not smell like vinegar all day, just a few minute and you will not have to wash it off as well.

Red Onion

Another everyday item that will help you out is red onion. Its acidity will help you in getting rid of these sun spots. Just cut one onion, squeeze the juice and with your fingers, dab them over your sun spots. Let it dry naturally and after 10 minutes, with a mild soap, wash it off. Do it twice a day.


Stain juice from fresh cloves of garlic with a garlic press. Now rub this juice on each brown spots on skin. An even skin tone will gradually come out as enzymes of the garlic help to shed your dead skin cells. This is also to be done twice.


Most refrigerators have yogurt in it; and can help you for getting rid of brown spots on skin. Just rub a bit of yogurt on your sun spots two times a day. Your younger skin will be regenerated as new cells will grow thanks to lactic acid present in yogurt.

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