The first thing that should be mentioned is that chemicals on the skin should always be avoided. Why? Because the chemical ingredients added to commercial, chemical soap are harmful and do more damage than good. We should use only Natural Soap with 100% natural ingredients. It goes without saying that whatever is harmful for the human being it is harmful for the environment too.

Do you know that a lot of skin conditions in the world today are caused by commercial soap, the so called “synthetic detergents”? Why people use them? Mainly because they are cheaper and they make more profit for the companies they produce them. Synthetic detergents contain ingredients that we are not aware of. As people say “If you can’t eat it, why put it on your skin?”

Which is the largest organ in the body? It’s the skin. And it needs to breathe too. By using natural soap with natural ingredients we can avoid the majority of skin conditions. It’s procedure well known for hundreds of years. The appearance of more skin conditions and cancer can be associated with the use of synthetic detergents in the last 50 years.

For many years there were no alternatives for natural soap. The options were either to purchase a synthetic detergent, or to handmade soap using natural products. What happened is that normally you would use a natural soap because you get addicted to it. Imagine going back to synthetic soap and watch your skin flip out. Imagine how harmful commercial soap can be for the environment.

Why? As we mentioned, the reason is in the ingredients. Natural ingredients nourish the skin with all the necessary elements causing the skin to plump up. Definitely, healthy skin comes from healthy ingredients and nature is protected by natural ingredients that do only good.

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