Acne is one of the problems that many people are dealing with, most especially teenagers. As a solution, many are trying various ways to get rid of pimple as well as the pimple marks. Most of it, chemicals are involve in treating pimple. In using chemicals in the long run for treating acne, it may do more harm rather than good to your skin. If chemically formulated products may do harm on your skin, why not try natural and herbal acne treatments that is effective in getting rid of your pimple.

Using natural products for treating your skin wont do any harm to your skins health, unlike chemical. In fact, there are also home remedies that you can use as well as food that you can eat to make your skin acne free. Ingredients needed for treating acne can be cheap and easily seen from any stores near you.

Here, some natural acne treatments will be discussed that you can easily incorporate into your daily living.

Eat Zinc Zinc is abundant in many foods, which is why it is very easy for you to include this in your diet. Zinc is also responsible for maintaining the average level of body hormone as well as curing any inflammation and helps excrete any infection inside our body. Zinc keeps our testosterone levels in our cheek, assuring that they dont sink too low. In case they do, this will cause acne. Nuts are rich in Zinc which can be eaten every day.

Rub with Garlic this might smell awful but this will get rid of your acne in due time. Garlic is considered as a magnificent natural remedy for both inside and out of our body. Garlic helps to detoxify our blood from toxins. By rubbing garlic, you can treat your acne directly while eating it gives you the assurance that pimple never comes back. Three times a week in take of garlic and rubbing it at least twice a day makes a wonderful result.

Grate Cucumber Cucumber soothes our skin and draws out impurities at the same time. The result of using it wont be notice in the first three days but your pimple will be soon disappearing. Grate a cucumber then squash the pulp. Apply it to your face and just let it stay for ten minutes. Rinse your skin using warm water with a little tea tree oil.

Wash with Lemons When washing your face, always use warm water added with drops of lemon juice. Acid found in the lemon juice neutralize all the bacteria causing acne and restore the normal health of your skin at the same time.

Eat Lots of Green Leafy Vegetables the regular intake of green leafy vegetables greatly helps eliminating acne. This is due to leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin B6 and A, both corrects any hormonal imbalance that takes place to your body. Also, you can prevent coming back after you have managed to get rid of it.

These are some of the easy skin acne treatment that you can do by yourself. In case you want to learn more about this, try to see more of it at