There are many manufacturers of beauty products that brand themselves a natural skin care company. But their interpretation is a bit liberal to say the least and even in the case of many of the big brands, they base this claim only on the presence of a few ingredients and normally in fairly minute quantities.

But if you know what to look for, you can find the real deal and not get tricked by slick marketing.

Obviously, a company providing truly natural skin care products won’t be shy about displaying these natural ingredients or their quantity. Any company that uses fillers, parabens, or other preservative chemicals just isn’t the real deal – even if they do have natural ingredients mixed in.

Another clue is the kind of oils they contain. It’s unbelievable how many of them have a petrochemical base, or how many contain mineral oils. You should be checking that any oils are plant based and if you see mineral oil, give it a pass.

In fact, if all the ingredients contained in a product aren’t good enough that you’d be willing to eat them, the claim of being a natural skin care company just doesn’t cut it.

While the ingredients should be 100% natural, it isn’t fair to expect that a company making “the natural” claim doesn’t use any process to produce those ingredients. Some companies argue that any processing at all means synthetic and they are very careful to point out there is no processing involved in the creation of their products.

That’s all well and good, but the reality is that in order to be effective in rejuvenation of the skin, some of these natural ingredients have to be put through a processing procedure in order to achieve a level of purity that is going to do some good. Companies that advertise they don’t use any process may well have skin products with only natural ingredients – but their effectiveness has to be questioned.

Perhaps a more reasonable approach would be to understand the manufacturing process being used and in particular, the ingredients going in and the end result. The good news is there are companies that have developed manufacturing techniques that start natural and end natural – and can therefore deliver the true effectiveness we’re looking for.

So, with a bit of knowledge it isn’t hard to find a true natural skin care company. You just need to understand all the ingredients and the manufacturing process behind the products. If you’d like more pointers on specific ingredients to look for or if you would like to check out a company that only deals in natural products, I’ve written more tips at my web site.

Bobby Lynn Jekos is a professional writer with a strong interest in natural health and wellness. She writes about natural skin care companies