Like human, dogs too need vitamins that help them increase their metabolism and immune system that has great role in protecting their bodies from various kinds of ailments and diseases. Dog health vitamin came into existence when veterinarians started realizing that these help dogs fight against some serious diseases. Vitamins are the major contributor in strengthening the immune system of the body. Given regularly in right proportion, dog health vitamins can be highly useful for dog.

The Great Debate on Dog Health Vitamins

The great debate that dogs do not need additional vitamins in the form of supplements is still on. The naysayers are of the opinion that vitamin supplements can be harmful for dogs, therefore, these should not be administered in food or supplements. However, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) opines that dogs should not be deprived of vitamins and minerals for these provide complete and balanced nutrition. Moreover, the dog pedigree can be highly useful for dogs in maintaining their health and vitality.

It’s true that the home made food not necessarily carry vital vitamins and nutrients that are useful for dogs. Moreover, such a food is meant for human and naturally cannot be considered equally suitable for dogs. Dogs need special care and food that is suitable for them; such food not only makes the dog happy but healthy at the same time. A range of dog food supplements available in the market cater to the need of foods for dogs that are full with vitamins and important minerals and nutrients.

America has a large number of companies that produce food supplements for dogs and nearly a third of the pets i.e. dogs and cats in the country receive nutritional supplements in one or the other way. Thus, the fact itself shows that dog health vitamins have gained extreme popularity; the vital part of such food supplements comprises of the multivitamins and the fatty acids that help in bringing out vitality in dogs and protect them from ailments and allergies.

Some Side Effects of Excess of Vitamin Doses

Over doses of vitamins can be dangerous for dogs; therefore, it should be avoided. For instance calcium in excess can cause issues on bones, hyper use of vitamins A and D can cause vitamin toxicity, too much vitamin A can cause dehydration, joint pain, damage to the blood vessels, muscular atrophy, or loss appetite, etc. amongst others.

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