Are you someone that has always suffered from a complexion that begs for the use of oily skin care products?

Although it seems as though the use of products that are specifically designed to this skin condition is a good idea, it may not be. The truth is that the ingredients in the products that are available may only act to make your condition worse than it was before.

Your skin being too oily is due to over productive sebum glands, which are the source for your skin’s natural moisturizing agent. What many people with these over productive glands don’t seem to understand is that the glands may not be the problem at all. Your condition may be directly due to either actions that you are taking, or the skin care products that you are using.

The problem with most of the oily skin care products on the market is that they are not developed for effectively treating the problem. These formulas tend to contain alcohol in them, sometimes several different types, which tend to be drying, and often irritating to your skin. Agents that have a drying affect on the skin will only make matters worse.

Your skin has a natural defensive mechanism which signals to the sebum glands that the skin is becoming dry, and that greater production of oil is needed in order to correct the imbalance. Any attempt that you make to decrease the oil that is there is going to produce the same results, so most of the cosmetics on the market for oily skin conditions are useless to you as a treatment.

Other than oily skin care products it could simply be that you are possibly scrubbing your skin too hard when you are performing you cleansing routine. Any type of abrasive action such as scrubbing will also activate the oil glands. If this is not applicable to you, then you need to find yourself a new skin care formula, and I suggest that it be an all natural one.

All natural ingredients are far more effective at treating the problems that you have with your skin than the agents typically found in cosmetics are. The best thing for your skin is the application of plant based oils, waxes, and extracts, as they provide your skin with all of the essential nutrients for health. Certain compounds are also highly effective at balancing your sebum production.

The best replacement for oily skin care products is a formula that contains Maracuja passion fruit extract, and Babassu palm wax. Maracuja extract helps to regulate the production of sebum, which prevents your skin from becoming too oily, or too dry. Babassu wax is beneficial to all complexions, because it has the ability to moisturize the skin effectively without making it oily.

You need to use products that contain ingredients such as these, and avoid the popular oily skin care products on the market. These natural formulas will make a world of difference in how your skin looks, and feels. You will not have an oily skin problem anymore.

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