No two people have the same skin type and that’s why each Serious Skin Care beauty treatments and cosmetics address a multitude of skin care needs. The Serious Skin Care lines are designed to work together so you can use products from each SSC line that is necessary for your skin type.
SSC Product Lines
Serious Skin Care offers lines of products with specific skin types in mind. Jennifer offers the following answers to FAQ on the SSC website. Below is a sampling that will hopefully be helpful.

Frequently Asked QuestionsDo I have to use both the Vitamin A and the Vitamin C to get the best results?

No, you can use only one line of products or customize your skin care regimen as needed.

Can my husband use these products?

Yes, they are ideal for men or women.

Can the Continuously Clear line be used on conjunction with the Vitamin A line or the Vitamin C line?

We suggest that you use the Continuously Clear Line to clear your skin of breakouts and consistent acne. Once it is clear and under control, then you can step up to your Retinol (resurfacing) OR Vitamin C (for brightness and firming). Some of our customers find that the Continuously Clear line is something that they go back to at times to regain control of breakouts and problematic adult acne.

I am African American, can I use Serious Skin Care products?

Yes, Go by your skin type, not color or tone, these treatments products are for all skin Types.

Which, if any, of these products can be used on sensitive and very dry skin?

Use our Glucosamine line of products, they are formulated for sensitive skin, and will leave the skin feeling hydrated not dry.

Are all SSC products suitable for sensitive skin?

Not necessarily, we have developed our Glucosamine line specifically to address the issues of sensitive skin.

Are SSC products tested on animals?

No we do not do animal testing.

Are the products recommended for teenagers, such as the acne products?

No matter if you are in your teens or an adult, you can use and benefit from our Continuously Clear Line to get results!

Can I mix SSC products with other cosmetics?

Yes, if it works for you and you are happy with the results.

Are all products interchangeable?

Yes, you can use any of the products to suit your own unique skin care needs and concerns.

Are the make-up products scented (fragrance added)?

We are fragrance free as far as adding chemical, perfume or synthetic fragrance to mask an odor. But in the case where you see the word fragrance, we have added an essential oil(s) to make the scent more pleasant for the consumer. The fragrance is a natural/essential oil.

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