In the last decade, active manuka honey has become more and more common as an active ingredient in quality natural health care products, particularly natural skin care products. And the reason is that more and more research is showing that this stuff has some very unique qualities.

The Maoris in New Zealand have known for centuries that honey made with pollen from the manuka plant has significant healing properties, but the rest of us are just now catching on.

Any natural honey has some excellent qualities that make it a fantastic natural ingredient for skin care products. Active manuka honey appears to be the best of all of them. The reasons for this (actually, two reasons for this) are that it has a unique anti-bacterial quality unlike any other honey and it is markedly stronger in antioxidants.

All natural honey has a strong natural anti-bacterial capability but this is hydrogen peroxide based. The problem is that when exposed to sunlight, or diluted, the hydrogen peroxide is “cut” and becomes much less effective. Active manuka honey has a non peroxide anti-bacterial quality so its efficiency is not reduced in any way when it’s exposed to sunlight or added to other natural ingredients.

Clinical test after clinical test is showing that manuka honey delivers more antioxidants as well – essential to fight the free radicals that damage the cells in your body. This is particularly important in aging skin, where free radicals become more and more active.

A university in New Zealand (which is the only place the manuka plant grows) has also discovered that another benefit of active manuka honey when used in skin care is its ability to assist skin rejuvenation at the cellular level and to actually strengthen the skin’s collagen – one of the vital proteins in skin that give it strength and flexibility. Stronger collagen means younger looking skin.

Because of these extraordinary properties, manuka honey products are being developed but only by the highest quality natural health companies (it’s still easier to source other types of honey).

Active manuka honey is an ingredient in several skin care products that I use including a night cream, an anti aging body lotion, an eye contour gel I use specifically to keep the bags and wrinkles away, a hydrating mask I use every two weeks and a cleansing mask. I describe why I chose these at my website.

I’ve used honey masks before and I don’t think you can go wrong as long as you’re using a natural honey. However, manuka active honey really is special. I believe that not just because of all the research that is now available to back that up, but also because I use it. It’s an active and main ingredient in the natural skin care products I use and I absolutely love what it does.

Bobby Lynn Jekos is a professional writer with a strong interest in natural health and wellness. Find out about the other incredible natural ingredients (including active manuka honey) her research has uncovered at